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Track: Ms. Jackson
Artist: OutKast
Album: Stankonia
Plays: 19337


Ms.Jackson OutKast

Track: Chamber Of Reflection
Artist: Mac DeMarco
Album: Salad Days
Plays: 108085


Mac DeMarco // Chamber of Reflection

(New Mac trac)


Why do I even listen to Andrew jackson Jihad, that shit gets me so sad.


Do they make flavored contacts?

Track: Soda
Artist: Boody & Le1f
Album: Liquid
Plays: 633


'm sippin' and dippin' now it's your lips that you're licking
I got you lovin’ and buggin’ cuz I’m sparkling. I’m sparkling
It’s my soda pop, biatch. Fizzle, fall back if you not with it
If you is then get it. Pop it let it drip like a faucet
Paint them a portrait with your chocolate ice cream soda potion
I’m foamy for sure; real slick with the motions
Check the motions of my ocean

a skeleton with skin is a skeleton with sin

I bet that there are people who listen to Nicki Minaj and then complain about Cakes Da Killa being too sexual

“Anthony, it is a well made fact that you hate good sangs and you like the bad sangs: Kenny West, Lanya Del Rae, Mrs. Keltz, the Tennis Band, Em Nems, Taylor the Creator, Yung Lee, and the Armpit Monkeys. You hate all those bands, but all those bands are good bands.”
Cal Chuchesta on Scamthony Faketano’s horrible music taste
Track: yee
Artist: me
Plays: 9672




had my acoustic guitar out and figured i’d slap together a quick cover of an old favorite for you guys


that was actually really pleasant